Sunrise in Joshua Tree


I hated sunrise.  It was very rare, even in my going out to the bar days, for me to ever still be awake when the sun is rising.  I didn't like the feeling of that grey-blue depressing sky between 4am-5am. The chilly sometimes wet feeling Midwest air.   That grey blue sky reminded me of different moments in my life when I was unable to sleep because of loss, tragedy, or major life change.  I would stare at ceiling or window for hours, stuck in my head.

since moving out west, I have had better, more calming experiences with sunrise.  Some of my favorite memories include climbing out a tent to welcome it, or waking up in my car in the middle of the desert to photograph it.  Each of them being witnessed in complete silence, with no interruptions but the sound of the wind and my dogs' breathing (haha)

Took this shot in Joshua Tree over the weekend.  My home away from home.