Alright here it goes! I must blog more.  I'm a total slacker in that department and always have been.  Hashtags? I'm behind on that too. Anyway.

There is a whole load of new work in my On The Go section.  I have been shooting a bit more lately.  I will have more work to post, as I have been keeping busy, but that goes up when the artists have released their albums.  Cant wait to show!
I am currently going through an entire change of routine out in the city of Los Angeles.  It makes me miss home badly, but it has also humbled me.  And we know what it's like to be humbled, all of a sudden those bullshit generic inspirational quotes suddenly just "get me", hahaha.  Good news;  I still have my exhibition up at the old Riot House (currently Andaz Hotel) on the Sunset Strip.  Be sure to check it out before it comes down!  All of that work is my music photography.  Opening night was one of the most memorable nights of my life and I thank and love everyone apart of it.   I recently put work up at the Neutra Museum & Gallery in SIlverlake.  Those pieces are part of my travel work.
I'm currently at the blueprint phase of putting together a book.  It will have work from the past few years and work from near future; all focusing on my travels.  I have definitely changed my loves since moving here.  The road trip to California changed everything, and once I arrived in Los Angeles I thought, Oh No...what have I done? I should be spending money traveling, not sitting still.  And so it goes...the last year and a half I have felt stuck in the city with a dream to hit the road and photograph.  Fortunately, Los Angeles may be tough, but you really cannot hate it when you have such easy access to some of the most beautiful places within a 2-8 hr drive.  So in a way, Its a blessing that I have been photographing and experiencing these new places with fresh eyes; it makes me desperate to capture it in a way that isn't so generic and can truly express the beauty and depth mama nature holds.  Even the shortest mountain with a tiny bit of snow has me gushing and yelling, "LORD OF THE RINGS!!"  
I hope you (reader) continue to follow me on this new journey, as I will blog even if it means I can't sit down and watch marathon re-runs of Bobs Burgers.  Stay tuned on the book news and updates...

Oh...and yes. I of course still LOVE, cherish, and shoot music documentary any opportunity I am given.  I've spent years building that portfolio and it's still incomplete! But wow, it feels really great to start focusing and putting heart into this new body of work.  

Speaking of music, let me leave you with a nice cover by one of my favorite artists that I look forward to photographing
 one day, Daniel Rossen.  If you ever get a chance to see him live, do not miss the opportunity.