Sequoia NP

Spent a night in Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon last weekend and brought my pooches with.  It was a nice 110 degrees.  We were originally torn between heading to Salvation Mountain or taking the extra hour to go to Sequoia.  For some reason we thought it'd be a lot cooler, WRONG WRONG WRONG.  It was scorching, but the scenery was fulfilling so that made it all worthwhile.  I must say, I was a bit bear-paranoid after driving into the campsite and seeing a big shit on the side of the road.  Peeing outside is my thing, but this time I did it with wobbly legs staring into darkness.  No--I really had shakey knees! And man, some of those spiders were mutants. and they could run about 20mph.  I might be exaggerating but when you're there in person that's what it feels like.  But anyway here are a couple of photos from the little trip.  -Click on photo to get to next-