Erik Voake

This is me trying to really be on the blogging thang.  Don't worry...I won't describe what I am eating, wearing, currently listening to, etc.  
Today I just wanted to share a photographer out here in Los Angeles.  I did some photo work for The Roxy about a year and a half ago and met him on the shoot.  Really nice guy.  Funny thing, my mother had called me the night before the shoot telling me she was going through some of my favorite photo books I had left behind.  She mentioned "Tulsa"  by Larry Clark being pretty wicked.  When I met Erik, he was wearing the exact "Tulsa" shirt (cover of the book).  I checked out his work when I went home and got super into it! Great stuff.  I added on Facebook and since then I have enjoyed all of his posts, galleries featured in Spin and Rollingstone, and updates.  A lot of interesting posts as well!

So here is to the first really nice photographer I met when I planted my feet in Los Angeles